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Real connections
Our Approach #1

Quality > Quantity

Fika is an exclusive Social Membership Club for those who value Quality > Quantity in all relationships in life and want to create real, meaningful connections. Fika's members are approved on an individual basis, ensuring a safe, authentic and inclusive environment.
Our Approach #2

The Google for

Using millions of data points, Fika has developed a state-of-the-art AI Matching Algorithm with the purpose to help people connect for long-term connections (rather than optimized based on members just receiving "likes").

Our game-changing feature AI Find makes it possible to find anyone based on looks, interests and personality, like a "Google for people" - find anyone who you might be looking for based on soft skills and appearance.
Our Approach #3

Online x Offline

At Fika, we believe that online should be a mean of connecting better, not keeping us apart. Our members get acquainted online and can quickly move their acquaintance offline to any of our parties, or meet offline at one of our Fika Events, to later keep the contact online.

Fika's Offline Events

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